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In GDPR we create environment for safe operation of services and we manage compliance of internal processes with international requirements

Legislative and methodological support

Advising on the protection of personal data and implementing internal guidelines in companies

GDPR Audit

Security audit of personal data processing

External Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Performing function of external DPO and comprehensive service of personal data protection

Security documentation

Elaboration of GDPR security documentation

About us

With our team of professionals we help companies to implement the requirements of the protection of personal data into general practice. Our company specializes in carrying out audits, providing our knowledge and recommendations, processing security documentations and supporting their implementations, providing training to the authorised persons, proceeding the monitoring of compliance with GDPR and providing permanent services within personal data processing and also data protection officer service, since 2013.

Our aim

Our aim is to help clients to ensure compliance with GDPR Regulation requirements. We are providing support to small, medium, but also large enterprises and organizations operating in Slovakia and abroad.

Our team's expertise and practical experience aim to apply these requirements not only theoretically, but through proven procedures and rules to set personal data protection policy in the client's environment.

Why cooperate with us?

Our employees are experts in the field of personal data protection and privacy with many years of experience in implementing these rules. GDPR is no exception. The complexity and variability of provided services is important for us and therefore we provide these services with maximum sensitivity and with an emphasis on individuality of our clients.

  • Flexibility

    we provide services to meet the needs of our clients

  • Cooperation

    we actively participate and cooperate in carrying out international and internal audits

  • Quality

    security documentation is prepared to meet international standards and adapt to constantly changing conditions in the field of personal data protection

  • Experience

    our experience is based on real situations identified by our clients

  • Responsibility

    we supervise the compliance with GDPR requirements by our data protection officers

  • Innovations

    we offer innovative technologies to apply new rules through e-learning

Become GDPR complaint with us

The GDPR implementation process includes several steps which need to be taken to make you „GDPR Ready“

Internal audit

Security audit of personal data processing

Implementation of the system

Compliance with all legal requirements

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Performance of the function of external DPO


Documentation and system audits

Security documentation

internal regulations, data protection impact assessment (DPIA), principle of proportionality, information obligation to data subjects, record of processing activities (ROPA), data processing agreements (DPA), records of instructions, secrecy, consents of data subjects, control activity, records of security incidents

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