Energy audits and certificates, energy services

Our services lead to measures which will help you save money.

Energy audits

for large and industrial enterprises
for buildings
for funds and grants

Energy certificates

for final inspection, sale
or rent of building

Energy services

project evaluation
thermovision building measurement
energy management ISO-50001
supportive energy service

About us

We process legally required audits, audits for funds and grants, in-depth audits supported by measurements and we create energy strategies for efficient running of business.

Number of
audited objects

Number of certificated buildings

Total number of our professionals

Our aim

Our aim is to provide comprehensive and verified information on client's energy management and through the long-term experience of our specialists it is our goal to propose solutions to increase the energy efficiency of companies.

Why cooperate with us?

When processing energy audits and evaluations, we use the expertise and experience of our specialists from the following fields: frame construction of buildings, heating, domestic hot water preparation, ventilation and cooling, electrotechnician-specialist, lighting engineer, specialists for pressure system and steam, structural engineer, cost estimator and fire protection engineering technician.

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  • Innovation

Energy audit procedure

pursuant to Act No. 321/2014 Coll. and Regulation No.179/2015 of Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic under applicable legislation

Analysis of current situation

object inspection, collection of initial data and available project documentation, photodocumentation, consultations


evaluation of energy consumption and energy costs in recent years, identification of significant energy consumption

Measure proposal

Low cost and investment saving proposals, assessment of investment costs and payback period, emissions

Submission and presentation

Final recommendation of the auditor regarding the benefits of individual measures

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